Student Life


Extra Curricular-Activities

At Crescent, we provide exclusive sporting facilities to ensure the holistic development of every child under our care. The school encourages students to pursue an active lifestyle, and provides the latest facilities for all sports and games to cater to their social, physical and emotional growth. We conduct regular inter-house competitions and provide our students with numerous opportunities to compete in tournaments against other schools, as well as participate in district, state and national level competitions.
There are extensive playgrounds and a swimming pool. Ample facilities are provided for every student to play games daily. Games like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and Badminton are available. Students are also given training in Athletics and Gymnastics. Training in swimming is compulsory for all students. Appropriate swimming suits are to be brought by students for swimming classes. Students are also provided with facilities for playing indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, etc. Indoor Badminton Court can also be utilized. Specialized Cross-fit training is also provided for selected students.
Table Tennis
Throw Ball

Co-Curricular Activities : Spare Time Activity

The objective of equipping the child for life to meet both its challenges and crisis needs a totally varied educational programme outside the four walls of a classroom. Broadly classified as Spare Time Activities, various skills and crafts are taught.
Kung - Fu
Arts & Crafts

The Clubs

The chief aim of the clubs is to develop the interest of students in the study of their respective subjects. The chief activities are visiting places of interest, doing projects, reading of papers on topics of interest, arranging film shows and organising exhibitions. At present the following clubs are functioning in the school.

Nature Club

Business Club

Numismatics Club

Eco Club

Science Club

Literary Club

Literary Associations

The English, Tamil, Hindi & Arabic Literary Associations conduct meetings regularly. Eminent educationists are occasionally invited to give talks. Oratorical and essay contests are held. Quiz Programmes are also conducted from time to time.