Message From our Principal


Crescent School is in the amidst of lush green environment that is canopied with serenity and tranquility, that blends its teachings with nature. It remains a haven for the children to stay and make their learning fruitful. Crescent School has been in existence for more than half a century and still going strong owes itself to a lot of factors: the strong sincere vision of the Founder, the system that perpetuated the vision till now, the contribution of all the stakeholders that worked in unison to prolong the vision and the great achievements of the taught that renews the commitment of all.

The meaning of the education is to open the door of mind and the windows of heart. Education prepares a child not only to earn money, but also to develop a heart, to understand the feelings of others, to be a human being with real emotions, learns to give others the freedom of interaction, be emotionally balanced and to serve the society. A holistic development and socio-cultural value are the chisel for validating every action and thought process of the students to emphasize the ability and determination to change the world for good.

In this way, Crescent School is into the noble action of equipping its students for life. Therefore, the school firmly believes in all round development of a child who steps in and it is being given paramount significance to have endurance to realize their dreams in this competitive world. The day-to-day activities are designed in such a way to instill self-confidence and build self- esteem in students that would fit them into this ever-changing global society. Most importantly, Crescent School has never failed to stand as a driving force when it comes to students and their future.

Mr. Abraham John